19 Mar 20 – Memory Lane 1

There being no trains to write about and suffering from a mild case of social isolation, I have been prompted to open the archives!

Mary Harris sent me the above photo and associated newspaper clipping – dating from 12 Mar 2012.  Since three of those featured (Bob, Mary and Dave G) remain stalwarts of the Racecourse Station I can only comment that they’ve retained their youthful appearance and enthusiasm.  I asked Dave T for a note on the fourth person and, I quote:

‘Wayne Finch was one of the founder members of the revitalised Cheltenham Area Group back in 1991. He served on committee for many years and was also a member of the GWSR marketing team back in the day. He earned a “retired” volunteer’s pass some time ago.’

‘I (Dave T) was also dressed up that day, supposed to be a rich race goer (it was actually a more modern wedding suit so luckily I’m not in the photo). As an aside two other supporters, brothers David and Tom Lyle, dressed up as race goers, much more authentically than I did. David was wearing his grandfather’s top hat, so that was genuinely pre-1912. They are both now Chelsea pensioners!’

I’d be very grateful if any other readers, Racecourse Station volunteers or otherwise, who have something historic or memorable and would be happy for me to blog it, would let me know.  All contributions gratefully accepted!


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