16 Mar 20 – Fire and Frenzy

We should start with a retrospective from the Festival. It’s a shot by Dave T of his beloved….

                   Yes, that’s P&O! Not who you might have been expecting!

The picture was taken last week as 35006 waited to depart with its race going (or rather race-leaving) passengers.  Lovely reflection of the late afternoon setting sun.

Monday is generally a quiet sensible afternoon of work with no trains or passengers to concern us. Today however was rather less assured as speculation mounts over plans for the railway in the near future. This is, of course, inevitable, if rather futile – and you can probably read about all this on other websites, but not this one!

So, let’s be positive, do what we can do, and keep our fingers crossed for everything else. The day was a handsome one after a cold start: bright, sunny and eventually warm; the grass is growing alongside the weeds!

As such Mary was out and about the bucket and barrow.  Dave T had a bonfire and so did I:

                        That’s the last of the laurel prunings disposed of.

Elsewhere the heavy mob were in tearing into our Station Shop with the aim of creating an on platform ticket office.

                                                   Busy having elevenses!

What role this will leave for our existing GWR original ticket office remains to be seen.

Also present were Dave G, Roger, Mike, Chris and Ian – though sadly I didn’t stay long enough to find out what they were doing! Finally, Steve popped in at teatime with a replacement hand driver for the staff washroom – more in use than normal I expect!

This is the less impressive side of post-Festival events: coach park strewn with litter awaiting disposal.  Hopefully before it blows onto the track!

I hope I’ll be blogging about trains and passengers at the weekend. If not we may get more opportunity for maintenance than expected!