14 Mar 20 – The Day After

In the climate of impending crisis, which seems to be all too prevalent at the moment, it is perhaps reassuring that some things remain the same.  So the day after the Cheltenham Festival it was pretty much business as usual for the workers at the Racecourse Station.  If the volunteers were modest in numbers (Dave T, Mary, Dave G, Mike, Ben & Steve) then so were the passengers!  Quiet day all round really.

Anyway, we soldier on and fingers remain crossed that we will continue to operate fully as the running season goes on.  So with that in mind we carry on with the maintenance and upkeep tasks which are the usual order of the day.  As it happens, for a post-Festival tidy up, things were pretty tidy with very little litter around.

Mary was engaged in some serious pruning of overgrown vegetation and clearing up.20200314_104155947851419484294519.jpg

Elsewhere, we move the portable loos down Platform 2 – ready for collection, whilst others removed the Festival signage.  Things looked exccellent for the departure of the first train – dead on time.



Meanwhile, the fence and path work got a stage nearer to eventual completion and the effect is to create a pretty good impression as passengers make their way down the ramp to the trains.  Complements the well trimmed laurel bushes as well!


Looking forward to the busier, sunnier, warmer and drier days ahead.


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