12 Mar – Champagne Day!

A number of our stalwart volunteers have been busy supporting the Festival Specials. Notably Mary Harris has been selling gallons of champagne to thirsty travellers during their journeys to and from the Racecourse Station.  In between trains she took a few snaps and here’s a taster – residing against some pretty snazzy seat covers (I assume):

And, if we’re into arty shots, here’s the view from inside the Arkle carriage, nicely displaying the ‘ATTHERACES.COM’ Express logo against what looked like one of this morning’s showers. 

Anyway, Mary reports that, despite the rain and probably because of the champagne, they were all very happy and somewhat merry.  And still turned up in numbers:wp-15840499470067888624961983168467.jpg

This is the access road – leading from Southam Lane into the Racecourse and running alongside the GWR line, and by this time it was sunny.

And here’s Dave T, the level crossing king, resplendent in his full hi-vis regalia and apparently failing to impress the gent waiting to get over the line:


Finally, the much admired but rarely used Platform 2, glistening somewhat in the late afternoon sun: wp-15840499813543401510633926112971.jpg

Note that the Platform sign isn’t actually quite that skew (as I only put it up on Monday!) -apparently the photo was taken when it was swinging in the wind!