9 Mar 20: Coro-nation Festival

Well the situation can’t be that bad if the Cheltenham Festival goes ahead – can it?  And for the railway of course the Festival provides the season with a kick start, financially at least.  So preparations were reaching manic proportions this afternoon at the Racecourse. Not on the Station where naturally all was its usual serene self! Well more or less!

A small team assembled comprising Dave T, Dave G, Mary, Chris, Ian and a man from Gilders.  Nothing much exciting happened: no trains or passengers and pretty dreary weather from about 2pm!  However, Chris and Ian cleaned up Platform 2 ahead of the punters arriving tomorrow. Mary weeded the gardens and Dave G sorted the Ticket Office.

Dave T, the man from Gilders and I worked hard at emptying the big Klargester – the one that takes all the outflow from the Station loos etc.  I’ll spare you the unpleasant details but suffice to say there was a degree of blockage and much pumping required!  Ah well, all in an afternoon’s work.20200309_1417372510826738441844097.jpg

The view over the Racecourse, noting the nice grassy path where once we had dense thicket of hawthorn and other nasties!  See blogs of 2018.20200309_141732204055940130261254.jpg

The Klargester, Dave T and the man from Gilders!  Plus a lot of weeds. Luckily, you can’t see the blockage!

Fingers crossed I’ll be reporting on a successful Festival at the weekend!