7 Mar 20 – (Running) Season’s Greetings!

Opening day always has a moment or two of trepidation: will everything work ok? It’s all very well sending an empty train up and down the line, it’s the passengers who worry us most. Or worry the Station staff to be specific since we low grade workers simply look on in awe as order appears from chaos.

Anyway, there’s no doubt that we’ve re-opened in style!  Dinmore Manor powering into the Station for the first arrival of the season.  Note the preparations for the Festival – when Platform 2 will be in use – so some portable toilets have been installed and crowd fencing placed over the old foundations.  Ideally, it won’t be as windy as it has been – the consequences of these things blowing over don’t really bear thinking about!

It was, probably usefully, a relatively quiet day for passenger numbers, so that the Dave G as Station Master, his staff and the train staff could get back into the swing of things.  For us, it was a bit more emphasis on the tidying up and a little less on long-term maintenance.  There to help were at least Bob, Dave T, Mary, Maurice, Andy M, Steve, Mike, Ben & John L.  And they, collectively and amongst other things: cut lawns, swept everywhere, tidied the top gardens, sorted the allotment, tended Platform 2’s growing areas, creocoted some more fence line and fixed the billygoat.  Here’s some of the action:


I’m not sure the ‘paint’ was all that wet actually – but better safe than sorry I expect.

Here’s another shot I took elsewhere:


Just teasing, it’s actually from the advertising poster for the Wartime in the Cotswolds event – coming up soon.


As ever, book early to avoid disappointment!