29 Feb 20 – Leap Day

There is something slightly unusual about the 29th Feb, over and above the fact that it only occurs every 4 years. There are certain rituals and traditions amongst which railway blogs are written by guest editors. So today I hand over to Bob, Dave T and Mary, with random inputs from others. If there are typos blame me as I am editing the text on my phone!!

A few images from the modest- sized but industrious gang today (Dave T, Mary, Ben, Andy, Stephen, John L, Ros and Bob). Bob & Ros were on P2 killing weeds and otherwise weeding the garden beds, as well as removing the fallen branches fromn the platform.

Andy and Ben were digging out the old gravel from the RHS of the ramp, Mary was tidying up and Stephen was cleaning the Ticket Office gutters and replacing the downpipe that always catches out the unwary who look for support from it.

We had a visit from Steve Long who has replaced the hand drier in the ladies toilet.

Dave G was attending another meeting, while Dave T spent his time finally fettling the obsolete broken bracket on the ladies loo tube heater – with a stout cable tie as suggested by an electrical wholesaler. After that, with the Festival racing coming up soon, he then dealt with the accumulated sandy deposits causing a slip hazard on the signal box crossing, using a hose connected to the tap in the Bill Britton Hut. Finally, At he “modified” the channel the race course’s surplus water takes, so that their sand doesn’t get continuously washed onto the crossing! Phew, I’m tired just reading all that.

The cloudy image shows the new Ferris wheel erected as an attraction for the racegoers.

Earlier in the week Mary took this shot looking down towards the Racecourse and Station from Cleeve Hill.

Great effort all round; thanks for the inputs which I hope I have reflected adequately.