22 Feb 20 – All Hands to Tidy Up!

There’s no chance that we could have another weekend storm between now and 7 Mar (is there?) so we were briefed to get on with tidying up.  Not least since half a forest seems to have landed on Platform 1 and the other half on the track bed. So, a combination of billygoat, brushes and manual labour was out in force – and it certainly helps if you have a few extra pairs of hands.

Luckily there was a fair crowd in today comprising Steve, Dave T, Dave G, Mary, Ben, Maurice, John’s O & L, Bob and Mike.

In terms if activity: the benches were put back out, some sweeping was done, gardens were renovated, fence posts straightened and strengthened, gravel dug out and the ticket office prepared. Plus the usual extras of putting winter ‘shrouds’ away and a general tidy up. And, of course, there is always a bit more fence to fettle!


The daffodils are almost out – so the Cheltenham Festival must be upon us shortly.  And, whilst we gripe occasionally about our ‘landlord’ (of the car park – not the Station) we get on tolerably well really – with a little give and take.  And the harmony is well illustrated by ‘their’ use of ‘our’ car park for the disabled parking during the Festival, the facilitated access across the track from the coach park plus, of course, the Festival Specials run by the GWR into and out of the Racecourse Station on each of the race days.  Income for the railway and provision of surely the most glamorous and convenient way of travelling into and out of Festival – no parking or traffic hold ups to worry about.

On an allied topic, since everyone is obliged to consider it these days, as to whether steam train travel is ‘green’ or not – I wondered whether anyone had calculated the carbon emissions of this form or transport?  Do we need to plant some more trees to achieve neutrality?  The answer is a qualified ‘yes’ and, for anyone interested, there is some background reading from the NYMR colleagues here: Heritage Railways and Carbon Emissions

And talking of steam engines I was persuaded to go and ‘watch’ the Union of South Africa pass on the main line at 1100. Make a video said Dave!

If you can make out much of the train by eye you’re a better man than I! I could just about hear its distinctive ‘whistle’. Last time I go spotting I tell you!  Bonfire are more my line and here’s some post-Ciara, post-Dennis material for disposal:20200222_1055258147830576640631094.jpg

We could make our way across to sweep the debris from Platform 2 I suppose next week! Oh no – I’m on holiday!




2 thoughts on “22 Feb 20 – All Hands to Tidy Up!

  1. Regarding carbon emissions, I saw some interesting “fag packet” calculations that showed the entire heritage industry’s emissions from the 35,000 tons of coal we collectively use each year would require a forest about 30 square miles to suck it all up. I don’t know what % of that would be ours, but some interesting figures.
    Other interesting figures include comparing the 35,000 tons of coal we use a year with the 60,000 tons a year of BBQ charcoal burnt each year by the great British public!


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