15 Feb 20 – Extra Help?

My first thought this morning was that it wasn’t worth it – going to the Station that is. However, I persisted and we did manage a decent burst of activity in adverse conditions.

Dave G and Dave T largely stayed in the staff room and ticket office, wisely confining themselves to indoor stuff.  Outside we were game for a bit more ‘of the physical’ so Steve, Andy M and I filled in a few areas of our pathwork. We removed the ‘sentry hut’ – which was now a bit low – and re-gravelled beneath. By this time the wind was gusting very strongly so we decided discretion was the best option and left it lying down for the moment.  Here’s a damp Steve at work:

20200215_1133585093453575631238773.jpg20200215_1133533938508444718396007.jpgOn the other side of the ramp we scraped out the old mud, weeds and self-sown plants so that we can replace with clean matching gravel in due course.20200215_1134056833686372510883168.jpg

And here’s our leader getting stuck in to the cobwebs!


So where was the extra help? Self, Dave T, Dave G, Andy M, Steve and a new volunteer Dennis.  He came from the west apparently and hasn’t done much useful work – in fact he seemed to make matters worse as far as I could see.  Still, perhaps not as bad as his sister Ciara!  We shall see what Monday brings.



One thought on “15 Feb 20 – Extra Help?

  1. Its a warm wind, the wet wind, full of birds cries;
    I never hear the west wind but tears are in my eyes.
    For comes from the west lands, the old brown hills,
    And April’s in the west wind, and daffodils.

    The first stanza of Masefield’s poem seemed appropriate, the the other 5 verses repay the reader too!
    Thanks for the blog.

    Powli Wilson

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