12 Feb 20 – On Defence!

Just when I thought it was getting easier near the end of this job, the fence rather fell apart!  The last stretch has been rather uneven and seems to drop below the normal ground level.  Hence the palings have been sitting in the soil/gravel and rotted away at the very bottom. I was forced to take the fence apart and may eventually need to trim the rotten 4 inches off (which could look a bit odd!) or get someone to make some new palings.  We would need to find some old pallet wood if we are to reproduce them historically accurately of course!

                                        Close up it looks a bit tatty doesn’t it?

Or I could pretend I haven’t noticed, put on a quick coat of the black stuff and screw them back on again! Of course, one isn’t generally allowed to have sharp-pointed tops to one’s fence these days……….

Work in progress as they say.

Pip, pip


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