8 Feb 20 – Don’t Panic!

The return of our leaders from their various excursions is, of course, very welcome – not only because they are extra pairs hands, but also because being a mature, experienced volunteer workforce doesn’t mean that we don’t need some management direction. Of course we reserve the right to ignore this direction if we wish but, on the whole, it’s a pretty harmonious set up!

Readers might well have observed the fact they we seem to have done little but painting and fence work plus a little gardening.  Being well aware that Sat 7 Mar is an operating day that means 29 Feb will be the day to put out the benches etc, so that leaves only Saturdays 15 and 22 Feb (plus some Mondays).  Don’t panic!

Which leads us nicely into today’s efforts where a stalwart crowd included Dave G, Steve, Bob & Ros, Maurice, Andy M, John L, Mike and a flying visit from Mick. DAve T (& Mary) have returned from their hols but are taking a few days to reacclimatise!

Here’s a selection of the activities this morning:

Note the ‘salt spreader’on the right, further insurance against a severe winter!
                                         Some serious discussions going on!

Just joking! Main effort was on the fence line where another 18m of board was installed, 20m+ of gravel laid and 25m of fence painted. All of which means that we are only about 20m from completion. Fingers crossed by all those who are tired of reading about it and tired of doing it!

Furthermore, I should note that Dave G’s refurbishment of the benches is very much more than a lick of paint. Although we don’t do every bench every year, the process involves at least an extensive rub down, filling any holes, repriming and repainting.

                                       And no half measures or short cuts!

There’s no doubt that there is a sense of anticipation as ‘train time’ approaches – it’s a sort of a ‘can’t live with ’em but can’t live without ’em’ situation. Reflective of life in general I suppose!



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