5 Feb 20 – Brexit Bonus?

Since 31 Jan 2020 I notice that there has been a considerable improvement in the weather: sunnier, warmer and much less rain. I wonder if Spring is on it’s way or whether there is another beast lurking in the European east? Can’t be due to Brexit surely? Either way I have no doubt that the weather is much appreciated by all who spend time working outside – including me! That said it has, for the first time been fit enough to work in my own garden – doubling the demands on working hours and competing with railway ‘obligations’. Leading to the frequent comment of the retired: “How was it that I managed to fit in a full-time job?”

So, onwards with the task in hand plus a few reflections on the authenticity or otherwise of restored railways!

Sunshine on the signage! Plus the hi-tech, non-vintage technical additions.

And on the ramp:

We can just about see the end point and, double bonus, the path gets narrower further down.

Which shot, at first glance, looked pretty heritage authentic to me. However obviously not the plastic grit box or the bin liner but the rest….

Does it matter? Well I suppose that’s a question of taste, of regulation and of practicality. A good deal of the Racecourse Station isn’t genuine or authentic GWR and for most of our visitors I suspect it doesn’t matter a bit.  Some things simply wouldn’t be sensible – such as the 1904 sewage disposal or their electrical fittings.  In other areas perhaps it would have been desirable to have more genuine buildings but we are, as they say, where we are – and railway finances don’t always permit – at least not at this end of the railway!

And so that makes about 65 metres of our ramp path completed and 35 to go. Genuine, authentic: wooden fence, boards and gravel – all installed manually and painted by hand. (The only concession, on reflection, was that I did use the electric screwdriver!)

Let’s hope it stays sunny and spring-like, there’s always more to do..



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