3 Feb – Slip Slidin’ Away….

Slip slidin’ away
Slip slidin’ away
You know the nearer your destination
The more you’re slip slidin’ away

Which lyrics might have been written for those working on the GWSR. Especially those trying to negotiate the slopes and embankments of the Cheltenham Racecourse Station! Still, we haven’t lost anybody yet – as far as I know – and the only real danger is not that the volunteers end up at the bottom of the cutting but that the whole station does! As I have noted before, nature does have a habit of reclaiming its own: whether that’s landslips on embankments elsewhere on the railway, or cuttings returning to their old shape.20200203_1334324747451498496898109.jpg

Good to see Bob and Ros heading down to Platform 2 gardens

However, perhaps one of the (few!) advantages of the ancient but hale workforce we attract is that there is a tendency to only look at the 10 year timescale, or the ‘that’ll see me out’ approach.  Which, to be honest, is about all that is realistic – I mean who could have predicted in 2000 that we would be a 120k passenger a year railway with a turnover to match – even in 2010 it might have been a bit of an optimistic view.

So, perhaps the fatalistic tendencies amongst my colleagues is the right one: que sera, sera! Our visible horizon does however extend a month or so, ie into the new running season and it is about now that worries begin to emerge as to whether are are on schedule.

Today the weather was, once again, kind enough to allow us a window for some fence and path work. So we continued the cycle of painting and fixing, barrowing and raking, garden maintenance and tea drinking.  Particiapting were: Dave G, Roger, Pete, Chris, Ian, Bob, Ros & Mike.


Good H&SW practice there – or is it concern over the corona virus?


Ian and Chris cheerfully hard at work barrowing gravel

We have been debating uses for the now empty pink dumpy bags (see above) and the best suggestion so far has been to make a parachute type air brake for GWSR engines. Deployed as trains entered the station it should save on brake wear and the guard could run back to pack it after each use. No? Not heritage enough really?  Ah well well just have to make use of them as garden rubbish bags – as usual.


Plank drying station (painting by Mike).

Unpainted – the effect of 4 years ‘sun burn’ – and painted (1 coat Cheltenham Mix)


This one’s for Mary!  Painted along the way down the ramp.




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