1 Feb 20 – While the cats are away?

The most observant readers may have noticed that our leader (Dave T) is absent from duty – sunning himself in distant climes while his trusty team are coping with inclement conditions. As it happens Dave G was away this morning as well – at a slap up lunch for, I believe, Station Staff. So for a while it looked as if we were devoid of cat supervision, so what mice mayhem ensued?

The mice were in fact very industrious and the weather was kind.  With Ben, Steve, John O, Andy & Mike all engaged in pushing the fence/gravel project onwards and downwards.20200201_1044394325316791183026302.jpg

I guess we completed about 25m metres worth of work and we are now about half-way!20200201_10440242166403549220684.jpg

The sequence is: palings loosened, debris cleared, already painted gravel board is inserted and secured to the fence posts, fence is painted, fresh gravel spread and levelled up.  Job’s a good ‘un.

That is, of course, when all is running smoothly – which it rarely does for more than a few moments on this railway.  Today’s issue was a slightly collapsed/misaligned chamber, in which are various services such as power for the lighting, water supply to the platform etc.  The chamber need to be partially excavated, the concrete foundations ‘trimmed’ and then re-set.  And there was the outflow from a cross-drain to consider!


At some point this ‘creature’ was located on the embankment:


All suggestions as to what it might be are welcome!

Bob meanwhile sealed one of our leaking downpipes, polished off various other jobs while John L tended the garden/allotment.

A great morning’s work – for which my thanks to all concerned.  Only another 4 such mornings and we’ll be nearly finished.  Should make it by 7 Mar (opening Saturday of the season.)

Perhaps we can work without supervision after all!











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