27 Jan 20 – Ferroequinologists!?

My classical education is pretty weak to be honest but I know just about enough to realise that ‘ferro‘ is related to iron and ‘equin‘ is about horses. Hence ferroequinologist or train (ie iron horse) buff or railway enthusiast, or even ‘anorak’ if you are feeling harsh!  I will suggest we rename our little shop area in the ticket office: ‘Ferroequinologist’s Corner’ – if we can find a sign board long enough.

My fellow ferroequinologists today included Dave G, Chris, Ian, Roger, Bob, John L, Pete, Mike and Maurice. Very healthy turn out for any day, never mind a Monday.  They were, in no particular order, painting, fencing, gravelling, posting and gardening.

Leading ferroequinologist, sweeper and chief tea maker!
Chris and a good load of gravel destined for the footpath.
20200127_145258719614527074075780.jpgGravel no longer good enough for the public facing ramp paths being re-cycled in a volunteer only area; a good green initiative.
It must be a laugh doing the painting.
A decent rub down required prior to renewing the top coat.

Good effort for a bunch of practical ferrequinologists

All is well, all is well.


PS: Must look up the Latin for someone who is into gravel and fences.