25 Jan 20 – Oh yes there was! Oh no there wasn’t……

I did promise no more blogs on the subject of fencing. Trouble is there was nothing else going on at the Racecourse this morning apart from fence work!

Well that’s only true if you discount the rather busy race meeting and Bob’s ladder-free initiative to clean the CCTV cameras.

Here he is at attention/order arms – about to jog off with the brush in the trail arms position. (Apologies if this is inaccurate, we RAF types generally avoided drill).

Back on task were Steve, Ben and self reaching the 25m lamp post (see below) in our quest to revitalise the ramp-side path.

Steve hoping the Dewalt battery will hold out in the cool conditions.

A certain amount of fiddling was required (as per usual) but there’s not much you can’t fix with a power drill/screwdriver and a bit of imagination. Anyway, after the technical side was sorted it was down to the journeymen to do the basics.

Ben trying to avoid joining the gravel in sliding down the embankment!
Self brushing at such a speed, everything is a blur……spot the new overalls! T4
Bob claims this shows Steve and I asleep on the job with only Ben working!  As if.

And that was it really, with everyone else on holiday or deterred by the hordes or hibernating.

Only another 80m to go, or 6400kg of gravel, 32 more boards and many many pots of creocote!

Pip, pip,


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