23 Jan 20 – All Quiet on the Fence Line?

There ought to be something peaceful about spending time at a deserted railway station – even one between a busy main road and a Racecourse preparing for a meeting! However, not today as no sooner had I spoken to the grass cutting contractor (access to verges required) than the Birdman arrived to restock our feeders. And he hadn’t been gone long when someone else turned up to see if ths railway was running (a polite ‘no’). Then the phone rang and then Bob arrived delivering something.

Never mind, I got some more gravel boards in, painted some fence and laid some gravel. which was not bad considering. The contrast between fence palings newly painted and those which have been exposed to the direct sunlight for 3 years is evident:

The gravel has however, taken slightly longer to disappear down the bank, leaving only dusty fragments and weeds:


And refreshed:

……… and no, I haven’t just covered the weeds up!

Which is about as much fence-related blogging as anyone needs!


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