20 Jan 20 – Don’t Fence Me In!

Most readers will be aware that I have a policy of minimising images of me in this blog – for understandable reasons: I don’t recognise the old bloke in the pictures as being me,  must be the camera angle, dodgy lighting etc etc.  Sadly, today I had little choice as I foolishly let Bob be in charge of the camera work.  My advice is just concentrate on the fence!

As per previous blogs we are renovating the path beside the ramp and someone, who will remain nameless, decided that we should fettle the fence first!  Which was a typical railway job – took 3 times as long as expected, required superhuman effort and could only be finished by the time it was going dark!


The fence was leaning over considerably so it was necessary to dig out the posts, remove the concrete, straighten them up (hence the rope) insert concrete supports and then re-fix with new ‘postcrete’.  Easy really!


And here’s one we (Bob and I) prepared earlier – now in the gloaming light.  At least it has solved our problem about what to do with the old gravel – shovelled into holes along with the postcrete.

Elsewhere, the moss removal team (Ian and Chris) were hard at work clearing the green stuff from our damper areas whilst Dave T carefully tended a laurel bonfire on P2 embankment, Mary tidied gardens and Dave G/Roger painted.

Another week is passing and, assuming other railway issues are resolved (landslips etc – see blogs various) we are on course to re-open by 7 Mar,