18 Jan 20 – Yellow Fever?

A glorious Saturday morning (for a change) and some cheerful colleagues made good progress on more of our winter improvements, through the sterling efforts of Dave G, Mary, Ben, Steve, Bob and Mike.

First off we continued our renovation of the ramp-side path.  Our production line starts with Mike who puts the preservative on the boards. Meanwhile, the second team (self plus Ben) removing any loose vegetation from the existing gravel, loosening palings, inserting boards, painting the fence itself and finally adding new gravel (another 300 barrow loads to go).

That’s the first 15 metres done, 105m left.

Mary, meanwhile, was clearing dead stuff and trimming live stuff.

Watching Mary (& at other times Maurice & John) is always a reminder just how much garden the Racecourse Station actually has to maintain. And that’s not including Platform 2!

With a sense of déjà vu, Steve was collecting wood and strimming overgrown areas of the embankment, Dave G did benches whilst Bob renovated car park fence posts.

Stage 1 of the fence repairs is now complete with the replacement of the new rail and resetting of some of the old ones with stainless steel screws.  Bob notes that: ‘it is important that we keep some of the original GWR wooden posts as seen towards the left of this image since they definitively mark our legal boundary with the Racecourse itself’. Just as well someone can remember these things!

Fancying a short break from the physical activity I strolled down the Platform 1 only to see some strange yellow markings and yellow posts:

What can they be?  No parking signs for steam engines? Gold sediment from a rain-washed Racecourse?  The railway equivalent of crop circles? Who knows – not me!



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