13 Jan 20 – Winter Works!

Time passes quite quickly at the moment – as the list of things to be done increases in length and the work days remain remain generally inclement. I have not been working at the GWSR too many years but, asking around, nobody cannot recall a season when we seemed to be ao hampered by the wet weather. The only saving grace is that my garden is equally waterlogged to there’s nothing outdoor to be done on the home front!

That said we always have space for more helpers and here’s the railway’s equivalent of Kitchener’s famous call to arms:

Still, there was opportunity today to take delivery of materials for off season work. As visitors may or may not have noticed there is an slight inclination for the Racecourse Station to slide gradually into its cutting. I suppose this is just nature re-establishing the status quo but it does throw up some issues – hopefully minor ones – and our latest challenge is to refurbish the gravel area beside the ramp which has gradually lost material down the embankment. There seemed little point in pouring good gravel after bad (as it were) so we have elected to insert gravel boards at the base of the fence first. Hopefully this will prevent/reduce further losses, unless the whole lot ends up on the platform! To this end we had delivered most of the necessary and a very helpful driver from Bence’s placed it all in convenient locations.

Nice colour these new dumpy bags!

Sadly, it wasn’t the weather (again!) for much outdoor activity and we had to be contented with trial fixing one board (of 40!) plus a little light creocoting. That said we have, I think, established that the boards fit reasonably well and that they should stop/reduce or gravel migration.

I’m acutely conscious that we should paint the fence as well so they are slightly closer in appearance. Hopefully, this and the spreading of new gravel will be recorded in future blogs.

Improvised painting station!

Apart from this the volunteers were thin on the ground so I spotted only 2 Daves, an Ian and a Roger. Between them they progressed bench painting, inspected Platform 1 toilet drainage and assisted me on the fence line.

Which, given the persistent rain, was about all we could manage. That it wasn’t cold is the only other positive thing I can find to say!