11 Jan – Heavy Lifting!

Another Saturday in the close season, another excellent turn out of volunteers, including: John O, Dave G, Dave T, Mary, Bob, Andy M, Ben, Steve, Maurice and Mike.

The laurel trees had their final prune and these were the results:20200111_1207515933088431944094982.jpg20200111_1208198809533937929804278.jpg20200111_1207305449730682401204230.jpg(You are also treated to a distant view of Strimmer Steve.)

A little grow back required but hopefully this will be a neat and manageable array.  Without the height and bulk there should be both more air and sun on this length of Platform 1 – reducing the damp conditions, at least for a year or two.  There is a huge pile of brash to be rid of and numerous trunks for burning:20200111_1202135330306304199935242.jpg

Completing this task required Steve, Ben, John O and self – and we’re glad it’s done – fairly energetic stuff and probably at the limits of what we would want to undertake without ‘professional’ assistance.  That said the work also has the advantage of clearing the way for our next task in that area – fitting some gravel boards and re-gravelling the path beside the ramp.  More on this in future blogs.

Mary was busy tending the top of the bank where our recently established hedge is looking very good.20200111_1206084948640868277312355.jpg20200111_1206013363814108572036941.jpg

Two years of growth and entering their third season – so pretty fair progress towards concealing the effective but slightly unattractive fence between ourselves and the Racecourse.  Just need to maintain it now – must add that to the annual work list!

Other ongoing tasks included Dave G preparing the benches which needed re-painting, Maurice and his longstanding battle to keep our pyracanthas under control plus Bob and Andy M fettling the fence posts in the car park.  Mike meanwhile was as reliable as ever sweeping up and on ‘refreshments’.

As a matter of interest readers may recall that a number of conifers were felled on the Platform 2 embankment last year and several small replacements planted.  Sadly these haven’t fared too well – probably due to an ultra dry summer and despite some desperate watering efforts on our part.  Curiously, and more promisingly, a number of self-sown trees have appeared on the opposite side of the station:

These are about 6 inches high but in fine condition so I am left to muse over the relative failure and success of the plants.  Perhaps the open area of P1 embankment compared to the well-populated P2 means that they have much less competition for water resource? Alternatively there is nothing like a plant which ‘knows’ it likes this location for prospering compared to an ‘incomer’.  Anyway, Dave T is hopeful we will be able to use this as a ‘nursery’ to repopulate any losses. Another ‘green tick’ I hope.



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