4 Jan 20 – Phew, what a relief!

I don’t know about the other Stations, or among the rarefied professions such as engine driver or fireman, but there was a more or less universal sigh of relief at the Racecourse Station this morning – no trains and no passengers!  Which is odd really since that’s what we are here for but I think it simply expresses the collective desire for some time off from the pressures of making sure everything is running smoothly.

Not that it means it’s rest time – by no stretch of the imagination could the period Jan/Feb/early March be looked on as time off.  It’s just different sorts of activity and, as the old saying goes, a change is as good as a rest.  Talking of old sayings there was a good crowd in this morning with Bob, Mary, Mike, Dave T, Dave G, John L, Andy M, Ben & Steve.

First up was removing the benches, so here’s the chain gang:20200104_0942148146418605957985278.jpg

I tell you they didn’t look half as happy by the time they had reached the top of the Platform 1 ramp –  it’s hard work with 2 benches on board!  Anyway, there are 4 for mild renovation (benches not volunteers) by Dave G in his temporary paint shop and all the others have been removed to get slight weather protection under the building canopy.

Subsequently, Ben and I cut down some more laurels – (I believe they are prunus laurocerasus or the common laurel) a rewarding process since we leave the Platform and Ramp less overhung, sunnier and hence drier.  Which should make it more attractive and less slippy in winter conditions.  And the laurels are pretty resilient so I imagine we will be back to cut some more down in 4-5 years.  Since we burn the trunks for heating does this count as carbon neutral?

Bob and Andy M were busy restoring some of our car park fence posts to stable condition whilst Mary, having taken down the Christmas tree, began the winter clearance in the P1 gardens.

Steve, unfastened most of the Christmas lights and put all the decorations back in the loft – for safe keeping until Santa appears again!

John was sorting out the veg plot (the leeks look lovely!) and then taking a bit of tool maintenance in hand.

Mike swept up the obvious debris and then made tea with which we had a selection of goodies:20200104_1220173144985211013965191.jpg

Excellent – much appreciated and much needed sustenance. (I don’t know why the padlock was there – it wasn’t edible!)

Meanwhile, the 8 bags of salt we seem to have accumulated (should ensure a mild winter!) were removed to dry storage.

Dave T dismantled the local ‘shop’ in the ticket office and applied the usual shrouds:20200104_1220377306640038594109848.jpg

I hope you’ll agree it was a busy morning’s prep and tidy – now we can get started on the real work.



One thought on “4 Jan 20 – Phew, what a relief!

  1. “Mike swept up the obvious debris and then made tea”!!! Clever making tea out of debris??
    And the padlock looks like it would be handy to limit the amount of !Sloe Gin mince pies” taken by over enthusiastic eaters!!??
    Regards and a Happy New Year, Paul (St Blazey 1925).


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