30 Dec – Last Train to……..Broadway!

Unusually for me I was at the Racecourse Station when it was going dark – about 1615 today – and this was pretty much as the last train came and went.  Of course it’s not really the last train to Broadway – just the last one this season which I am likely to witness.  It was, in fact, a glorious afternoon- sunny and mild; a pleasure to be out in the fresh air again.

I received a query about the last blog – 26 Dec – stating that I didn’t list the volunteers present that day.  There was a simple reason for this: there weren’t any!  However, today was different and I noted Bob & Ros (hard at work on the Platform 2 gardens), Dave G (renovating one of our original cast iron sign boards) and Dave T (digging out the ash from a fire place for re-cycling elsewhere).  Here’s the first mentioned, casting long shadows in the December sunshine:20191230_1347055569953303498411372.jpg

…and here’s some of the season’s last passengers with the usual shiny engine:


And later in the afternoon a trainless view from under the Evesham Road bridge looking north:


Could be Spring soon! (Famous last words)

And finally, a fond farewell was said to the duty Station Master of the day: Mr John Tiffney, retiring from the role after many years service to the railway and, especially, the Racecourse Station.  Sadly, my picture of the event failed to come up to my low standards of photography and you will just have to take my word that he was congratulated warmly by Messrs Griffin and Tomlin on our behalf: thanks John for all your efforts over the years.

Best wishes to all for the New Year!



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