28 Dec – Oh! Mr Porter…..

It seems that long periods of repeated activity, such a sweeping pine needles etc, cause the mind to wander.  In my case this results in idle musings on possible blog titles and related (or imaginary) films. Hence the above and, possibly later in the week, ‘Last Train to Broadway’ – to mark the end of the running season.  Of course the natural consequence is to wonder who would play Will Hay’s role as the bumbling Station Master, who would be the somewhat cheeky lad and who the toothless old bloke.  Hmm, I’d better stop speculating at that point; you can fill in your own nominations from the Cheltenham team!

Luckily, there was no resemblance to any fictional railway workers amongst today’s station or train staff.  On a relatively quiet morning I captured the fireman on the first train of the day shifting some of the ‘best Welsh’ to a more accessible spot.

20191228_1100091425877938234388333.jpgTough work I’d imagine but keeps you warm though!
There was also some canine interest in Dinmore Manor – I wonder what dogs make of steam trains?
20191228_1045524149992437390927308.jpgProbably another occasion when the dogs wonder what on earth humans are doing!  It is worth making the point that well-behaved dogs – like this one! – are generally welcome on the GWSR (see website for details).

Recently I observed, in that hallowed sanctum Station Master’s office (where mere mortals fear to tread), the distance chart for the railway from Honeybourne to Cheltenham (Lansdown Junction).

Which, if I am reading it correctly, makes the Racecourse Station 18.75 miles from Honeybourne and 14 miles from Broadway. Reassuringly, the first is what the distance market on Platform 2 states and, for the second, the GWSR website confirms that passengers will enjoy a round trip of 28 miles. Good!

Any suggestions for appropriate film titles which I could use would be gratefully received.