26 Dec – Banish Boxing Day Blues

I fancied a little fresh air and gentle exercise this morning – the gym was closed – so I repaired to the Racecourse Station for some light activity.

The Station was initially quite quiet but the presence of 2 coaches down by the ‘disabled gate’ heralded the arrival if the first train with a couple of parties disembarking – they must have made an early start!

Since the station facilities appeared to be in good order I chopped up a little more of the wood pile for eco-combustion in the heating of domestic dwellings, rather than the air above the Racecourse bonfire!

In the staff office a continuous war is being fought against field mice, delightful little creatures no doubt, but less attractive when they chew through our cables. In the latest skirmish the bait in 2 of our traps was eaten but nothing was caught – there must be natural selection process going on; the third mouse was less fortunate.

Station staff were unaware of this conflict and in fine fettle – perhaps relieved to be at normal passenger levels after the end of Santa Specials.  So it was an obvious delight for them (and yours truly) to interact with a very cheerful party of 8 from India:

Sacrificing some lovely sunshine for Gloucestershire gloom but seemingly happy to do so; good for you! (Sorry the picture doesn’t do either of these ladies justice.)

So all in all, everyone seemed to be benefiting from a little escapism (from turkey, crackers etc) and appreciating the health giving effects (physical and mental) of slow travel. 

Should be available on prescription frankly!