21 Dec – There’s more to running a railway than…..

It is, of course, the glamorous end of the business which is most in the public eye: gleaming engines, scenic stations and nicely uniformed, cheery volunteers. And rightly so since we have a product to sell and nobody would want to travel on grubby rolling stock manned by surly staff (we can buy that ticket elsewhere!).

Meanwhile, the endeavours of those less visible are regularly commended by the passing public with whom we exchange a little gentle banter.  Here’s some (I guess 200+) happy passengers waiting patiently on Platform 1 as the first service of the day arrives:

Departed slightly late I’m afraid as there was apparently a broken rail somewhere up the line (just what you need: a 22 ton P&O monster if you have a broken rail!).  However, things had seemingly got more less back on track (pun intended) by the time good old Dinmore Manor departed for the second service:

There was, need I say it, no shortage of rain over the past few days and, during a shortish visit on Thursday, I noted that we were (once again) receiving a torrent of water off the Racecourse parking area onto the level crossing.  Cursory inspection revealed that the modest cross-drain was ‘somewhat blocked’!20191221_0951585077516422594331861.jpg

So, ever willing, I dropped everything and took bucket and trowel to see what could be done.  The product:20191221_1000316236535644331873567.jpg


I don’t suppose it’s a permanent fix (must get around to seeing where this drain, drains to – when the weather improves and there are no passengers) but it will, I hope, be a slight improvement.   That task certainly didn’t count as glamorous or high profile!

In other areas Steve was attaching something to the concrete floor of one of the buildings – tough going, Maurice continued to trim the car park hedge and Mike swept the ramp and ticket office area.  Dave G was on Station Master duties, John O was on car parking and everyone else was on Christmas holidays or ‘elfing’ out elsewhere.20191221_0952048580108734675703302.jpg

The pile of laurel isn’t getting any smaller:



There’s more to running a railway than………….



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