16 Dec – Odds and Ends

During the festive season the Racecourse Station alternates between intense busyness and a ghost town, between all passengers, trains and station staff and none!  So, after Saturdays singing and dancing trainfest, I took the opportunity today to photograph some of the more quietly obscure elements which make up our ‘history’. And from these here are some alternative views from the ticket office:

Meanwhile, the workers were out in numbers – small but dedicated! They included Dave G, Chris, Ian, Roger, John L & Mike plus, on the way back ‘the North’, Dave T.

Much work was done to try and remove the mossy deposits on the P1 ramp – which is a perennial issue in our damp cutting at this time of year.  Also accomplished were further installments of debris removal and general maintenance plus some more selective laurel pruning. Here’s the desirable outcome………

…………..ie smallish, neat(ish) bushes which will allow sunlight through to Platform 1 and regrow into a less straggly version of the same plant!  And one of the reasons:

A rotten stump!

Elsewhere there were other casualties of recent high winds:

All good contributions to the 2020 New Year mega-bonfire.

Lots more Santa Specials to come before that!



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