14 Dec – Out of the Box!

I thought, when walking the dog at 0830, that I would be writing another damp and dreary blog from a sodden station. However, by the time I arrived I was cheered, first by the improving weather and second, by the super entertainment on display.

After a cold and damp start our resident singing group were in fine voice:

There’s Christmas cheer for you!

There were few workers about but Dave G was around to supervise and John O on car parking, whilst Steve and Bob called in briefly.  So it was mostly left to the Station and train staff to manage a full passenger load.

However, the pièce de résistance was the second train of the day departing as follows:

Sort of ‘Railway Children’ meets free advert for Dewalt drills! I did wonder whether I was going to emerge from the steam and the 2 workers had apparently been greasing the points.  Anyway, that was 4270 taking off with – I hope – another load of contented customers.