9 Dec – Election Special: APNEA Party Expected to Make Sudden Gains!

I have been asked to comment on the specific impact of the election on Cheltenham Area Group of the GWSR. By now almost 40 years of government service has taught me that political neutrality is by far the safest option, so please regard the following observations as very much not intending to show any political bias one way or the other!

I have mused on whether the green agenda – currently being promoted across the political spectrum – would be good or bad for the CAG? Clearly the tide against the burning of fossil fuels has the potential to play havoc with a steam railway and, as for the anti-diesel brigade, where will that leave our poor old DMUs? Electric vehicles on the GWSR? NEVER! Man the barricades!20191207_1042351468845637822122089.jpg

(From Saturday’s Specials)

Therefore, I have decided that, since none of the existing political parties are concentrating on the issues which matter to the CAG, very reluctantly, I have been persuaded that we must form the APNeA party (Anti-Pine Needle Alliance). I am hopeful that other Stations with PN problems may come on board and we can engage in some tactical voting.

The APNeA manifesto includes subsidies for Billy Goat fuel, tax breaks for companies which sponsor volunteer railways and a free issue of hi-vis jackets for pensioners!

Potential candidates will be obliged to burn, as an indication of good faith, 3 dumpy bags of pine needles. Unless sleep overtakes them first!

Back in the real world: at the railway today were 2 Daves, Roger, Ian, Mike and Pete.  I left early (having done the morning shift!) but not before ‘stealing’ one of the mince pies – kindly provided for tea break by Pete:20191209_1411585381791820249401156.jpg

Is that a face I can see in the mince pie – and angry face?!  Or am I paranoid?

I can only apologise for the early appropriation of the treat, note that it was jolly good and say that I was stopping the CAG mice getting at it!


A quick summary of what went on: there were no trains and everyone was busy tidying up the debris!

Don’t forget next Thursday – Vote APNeA for a steamy future.

Proper blog on Saturday!



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