7 Dec – Supporting the National ‘Elf Service!

In the political maelstrom which precedes a general election it is nice to know that all parties seem to share a common affection for the NHS. We at the railway do our bit by encouraging members of the National ‘Elf Service to assist with Santa Specials. Here are 2 splendid examples:20191207_1054481646694271081661580.jpg20191207_1055145930930509329148951.jpg

Ably assisted by another impressively festive and cheerful member of the team:20191207_105523-15871202064166819457.jpg

Elsewhere, the second train of the day was 9466 and the Christmas look doesn’t preclude the need for the usual hard graft and liquid refreshment:20191207_1049358727211509396538241.jpg

We, the Cheltenham Area Group, needed to put in a bit of effort on the ramp and the more shady end of Platform 1 – with aim of suppressing some of the moss which has been multiplying during the wet weather and presenting a potential slip hazard.  Here’s Steve hard at work:20191207_0953388285918154564296441.jpg

With that sort of brush speed he may yet make the Gloucestershire Curling Team!

As usual in December there wasn’t much opportunity for big projects with regular trains and hordes of passengers but also present on other tasks were Maurice, Dave T, Mike, Bob and Ros, whilst Dave G was Station Master and John O was on car parking; others elfs are ‘elping out elsewhere.



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