2 Dec – Frost, Flowers and Swiss Roll!

A report from Dave T and Mary on today’s activities:

“A frosty start today but it had warmed up a bit by the time CAG started work around lunchtime. Dave G was in most of the day painting bits and pieces and setting traps for the pesky mouse that’s chewing its way into all sorts at the moment.

Wow – lovely camera work Mary!

Dave T needed to burn several weeks of detritus, some of it damp from the rain. It took a while to get the fire going – more smoke and steam than flames – but it eventually got hot enough to consume everything.

Is that an elf left over from the Santa Specials?

Chris and Ian tidied up along the back of the platform whilst Mary swept up leaves from the top garden and stored away redundant plastic tree guards and canes. Pete again drew the short straw and continued with scraping the white line along the platform edge – he looks forward to helping Tim with tidying the laurels again next week! Mike swept leaves into piles on the gravel alongside the ramp – hopefully the oak tree will finish moulting before too long – and then dealt with tea making. Mary provided a Swiss roll to accompany our refreshments.

Good work Mike – nice you’re back in harness, there were numerous complaints when Tim did the tea!

As it’s the beginning of a new month, Chris drew out the 125 Club December draw winning numbers – two members of committee will now be able to afford turkey for Christmas (one by proxy) whilst the wife of a former volunteer can treat herself to a small present.

A reliable independent drawer!

We all departed for home as the sun went down – Jack Frost is probably going to create another cold spell tonight.


NB: compiled and edited on my phone, whilst ‘in transit’ – so apologies for any errors! Tim

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