30 Nov – Festive Frolics

There was a sense of fun abroad this morning at the Racecourse Station. The timing of the first day of Santa Specials being in November seems to have meant slightly less than a ‘full house’ today which in turn ensures that all the elves, the station & train staff and, presumably, Father Christmas himself could take it slowly and work up the routines for the onslaught during the rest of the month (I am told the tickets are almost sold out!).

As such there was an informal competition for the zaniest Christmas item of clothing. Some strong entries from train staff:

and associates:

But, though I may be biased, I feel that our own shop assistant Ben takes top spot:

Dave T, Dave G, Mike, Maurice, Steve and Andy B were amongst the volunteers ensuring that all was presentable and ran smoothly. And, of course, thanks is owed to the many extra helpers who man the car parks, provide festive fare – see below – and oversee the ongoings at the ‘North Pole’ (aka Toddinton).

Well done all, only another 20+ days to Christmas.

Next week, by popular demand, an Election Special in which I’ll be speculating on what the political parties will be doing to support the Cheltenham Area Group, post 12 December.

I bet you can’t wait!



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