29 Nov – Black Friday!

As the world (or at least the so-called developed part of it) engages in an orgy of spending on-line I thought I’d enjoy the sunshine (such a change) and spend a couple of hours at the Racecourse Station. So a short blog on what transpired.

As Santa Special season is upon us tomorrow, and major works will be suspended for a while, it was a good opportunity to get rid of some of the burn pile.  Unusually, there was very little breeze whilst the material was green and wet, so my fire was a reluctant starter!20191129_1409126232404540056634858.jpg


However, after a lot of puffing and blowing I did manage to reduce some of the debris to ashes.

Meanwhile, Dave G (fettling things for tomorrow) had been and gone, when I heard the noise of an old goat:


Billy that is not Dave T obviously!  And, very commendably, he was taking care to collect these oak leaves specifically for composting:20191129_1320259125566198643122010.jpg

This is, apparently, the 2018 vintage – looks like it’ll be a while before it’s mature!

And if holly is in short supply then we have plenty other red berries available:


More news of Christmassy stuff tomorrow hopefully.



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