25 Nov – Santa on Water Skis?

Santa 2

A quick glimpse of what we have in store for December on the GWSR!  Or, this may be what has to happen if it doesn’t stop raining soon!

Anyway, there was in fact, a short window between about 1230 and 1530 when it didn’t actually rain at the Racecourse Station.  So, a small but highly select group (Dave T, Dave G, Mary & Pete) got on and did some more work.

For a genuine change of scene Pete was tasked to scrub the white platform edge line so that a new one can be applied. 20191125_1449337972997772326080790.jpg

Somewhat cruelly no-one has pointed out to him how long the platform is and therefore how long this task will take with a piece of glass paper and a hand scraper.  Just joking we did rescue him from this task after a hour or so!

Elsewhere, I removed a few more stray laurels from overhanging Platform 1 and here’s Dave T strolling away from delivering to the unofficial laurel ‘crossing point’ (ie opposite the bonfire site).


A further long-standing Racecourse Station mystery was subject to scrutiny today – whose water meter is where, what supply feeds what usage and who’s supposed to be paying!  This is a debate between the Severn Trent Water, the Racecourse and the GWSR proper (rather than us!) for which we are merely facilitators.  So here are a couple of trusties being reassured by DT that we aren’t liable!


So we can put the lid on the matter:20191125_142340193512905368966369.jpg

Sadly we stayed 5 minutes too long in our tea break and by the time we emerged it was ….. raining again!  So we tidied up and went home.

Santa Specials proper from Saturday 30 November!!  Book early.



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