23 Nov – How Many Volunteers does it take………?

There was a surprising (to me at least!) number of volunteers at the Racecourse Station this morning – given the very dull, damp conditions (for a change!).  It was a bit of a slow start but the final tally was 7: Dave T, Steve, Mary, Andy B, Andy M, Maurice & self.  More promisingly still our colleague Mick Best came along – under his own steam – for a chat and a walk around the station.   Technically Mick has been away so long that he doesn’t quite qualify as a volunteer any more but we are hoping he will do so again, and return to our fold as one of the most valued members of the Cheltenham Area Group.

There was some tidying to do ahead of the early Santa Special tomorrow.  Not many pine needles but plenty oak leaves in this case, with our newly reduced laurel bushes (previously trees!):20191123_1219517068023883493082926.jpg


Elsewhere, a team of 3 were struggling to attach the Santa signs to the fencing.  Luckily, Mick Best was on hand to provide some much needed technical advice (on how to thread cable ties!!):20191123_1200076100877995146871753.jpg

Anyway, as ever, a cheerful demeanour does much to make the time pass! Other preparations have also been made ready:


Andy B was putting the finishing touches to the Christmas Lights, Andy M cleaning up the Platforms, Maurice trimmed the hedges and I attempted to reduce the ‘flooded’ areas around some of the benches.

And so the busy season beckons again!




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