18 Nov – Resting on One’s Laurels

It made a very pleasant change to be working on a station bathed in sunshine or, at least, as sunny as it gets in the cutting at Cheltenham Racecourse Station in mid-November.

That said, one of our perennial problems was well illustrated this afternoon as, despite the fine dry day we were experiencing, Platform 1 was essentially cold and damp from the recent rain.  This, in turn, allows the moss etc to grow producing a wet and sometimes slippy platform in the critical areas where our visitors stand and admire the GWSR fleet of engines.  As such, the authorities made a decision to reduce the overhanging vegetation somewhat by cutting back the laurel bushes and allowing more sunlight and air into our danker locations.  In this task I had the fun job of sawing down the trees whilst the hard work was undertaken by Pete and John O – shown below – dragging the results up the way and across on to our burn pile on Platform 2.



You might have thought that this was a bit radical, and begin to doubt our green credentials, but rest assured the laurel is a very forgiving plant it seems and here’s one we did 3 seasons ago which has grown back very nicely:20191118_1406464445584758041585156.jpg

Colleagues Chris and Roger were busy removing the last of the pine piles from the track bed which should leave us clear of this task until 2020 (I hope!).  Mary meanwhile was tidying the garden for winter:20191118_1405343337447100591697436.jpg

….and then having a well-earned rest in the sunshine:20191118_1519096003412397931737457.jpg

Which reminds me to thank the ever faithful Mike who provides the tea and coffee during our breaks.


A random shot of the sun on Cleeve Common!

Dave T was busy straightening up after the weekend’s Race Meeting whilst Dave G was, I think, busy painting various small items which can dry indoors.

So a great turn out on a day when it was a pleasure to be a volunteer.




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