16 Nov – Heavy Going (Literally!)

A report in from Dave T, who was certainly ‘at the races’ yesterday:

“Just self, Dave G and Steve in today for the Cheltenham Area Group, plus 2 Station Masters, a booking clerk and 4 crossing monitors, all of the latter to deal with the race train morning and afternoon plus the fish & chipper at lunchtime.

“Steve put up and decorated the Christmas tree in the booking hall and then sorted out the four plug leads for the festive lights around the canopy of the building. It was necessary to unbolt the plug sockets from a metal back plate and drill new holes to fit it all in the plastic box. When I left in the early evening, the light strings were all nicely illuminated to raise awareness of our Santa trains.steve sorting xmas lightssteve xmas tree

“Meanwhile Dave G passed the time by painting one of our ‘Beware of Trains’ signs over in the paint pod. DaveG painting sign

“I checked tarmac surfaces were just about dry enough to – wait for it – hoover up pine needles for the bonfire and then leaves for composting. The racing punters arrived to a clean platform and ramp and left for the course without being aware of the effort put in to clean up after last week’s deluge.race trainrace goers

“For a ‘major’ race meeting the day seemed rather subdued, with a smaller crowd than normally attending the showcase meeting. Perhaps some were put off by the Racecourse warnings of boggy ground in the parking areas and the plea to share cars!”

Thanks Dave.  Going ‘heavy to distinctly boggy’ I should think.  Still, it looks slightly drier next week – or am I deluding myself?



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