26 Oct – Singin’ in the Rain (Again!)

Ah well I suppose it should no longer come as any surprise that a Saturday blog features rain and rail. Today’s efforts are merely an editorial effort on my part, with the inputs from Dave T (mainly), Steve and Bob.

It was race day at Cheltenham and they were also showing the rugby World Cup semi-final – amidst the murk and gloom. More brightly my colleagues, small in number but cheerful in countenance, were equipping themselves for the conditions:

Steve: from whom I gather a Gene Kelly moment was only seconds away – sadly it was not recorded for posterity.  Shame, but the blog title is a tribute!

Meanwhile, the passengers needed to peer out through the condensation:

Being in 1st class obviously didn’t help either!

Hmm, that said I can’t see too many faces. And outside the ticket office and around some benches, familiar issues developed:

More moats and puddles elsewhere on the Station as well I’m afraid!

And as for work it wasn’t really a day for outside action. Steve and Dave T sheltered under the ticket office canopy for a while, then contented themselves with finding and cleaning some more of the museum pieces to put in the display cabinet. Bob installed a new strip light in the loft whilst John O valiantly acted as car park attendant for the brave passengers who turned out for Steam and Scream!

Mary wasn’t present today but her flowers are still in bloom!

Which image just about sums it up really!