28 Sep – Consciously Uncoupling!

With apologies to those savvy in current affairs – I took this picture and couldn’t resist the blog title above.


However, hopefully the following snaps of Dinmore Manor in fine fettle as this morning’s first service will make up for my weak attempts at humour.


Elsewhere, my colleagues Dave T, John, Mary, Steve, Bob and Roz were hard at the autumn jobs: strimming, weeding, replacing our summer pots, lawn cutting etc.  The initial sight of the ramp and Platform 1 had been pretty depressing – as the recent harsh weather had left an extensive covering of pine needles all over our passenger areas.  I did ask whether anything had been done during my 2 week absence – and got a very dusty reply.  Anyway, Mike and I with the billy-goat and brush got busy and the place soon began looking more respectable.  And that’s not to underestimate the efforts of the rest of the team in less obvious areas.  Here is the picture of P1 south end, mid-clean up:

A billy-goat is quite an expensive item of kit but I estimate that it would have taken 6 able-bodied people all morning to sweep up what the billy goat driven by one old bloke (self) achieved in an hour.  That’s assuming you could have found 6 able-bodied people at CRCS willing to undertake the task – which is unlikely! I dare say there will be another load by next weekend; it’s so good to be back in Gloucestershire!!




One advantage of writing the blog (perhaps the only advantage) is that one maintains fairly universal control of what goes in – subject, of course, to certain guidelines.  The main, self-imposed guideline is that there are very rarely any photos of me!  This allows me to maintain a consistent self-image of an energetic, relatively youthful, figure striding imperiously about the Station.  Mary Harris kindly provided this picture from this morning as an antidote to any continued self–delusion:img_25908550995767940367712.jpg

Thanks Mary!



One thought on “28 Sep – Consciously Uncoupling!

  1. Ah yes – “we mustn’t delude ourselves”! But ts amazing how many do. My wife has just seen the “Goat” and wants me to get one for our drive – my neighbour has a mature conifer.

    Thanks for the blog,

    Powli Wilson


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