20 Sep – A Bridge Too Far?

After reading the fascinating string of comments on last week’s blog ‘There in Spirit’ I am inspired by the time and effort people put into thinking about our railway and the future.  I don’t say that I would always agree with the content but the debate is surely useful.

And, in that spirit I take the risk of blogging from afar (again) – albeit somewhere that steam trains also run.  Pictured below is the first train into Goathland from Grosmont – puffing a bit after the 1 in 49 up incline – but still splendid.  Of course the village (and occasionally Station) is also known as Aidensfield of Heartbeat fame or Hogsmeade from Harry Potter – according to taste.


I was taken by the splendid footbridge – of which we are, of course, in sore need at Cheltenham if we are to see Platform 2 in regular use.  Do you think anyone would notice if we borrowed the above?  But it wouldn’t be a proper GWR bridge would it?

And the commercial use of the railway stations for filming etc is, of course, a great additional money spinner for volunteer railways.  Perhaps it is something we could put extra effort into doing?

Sadly the coal tender was so shiny that all I got was a mass of reflections!  Poor camera work as usual.


Anyway, before I incur the wrath of the CRC team for including holiday snaps I’ll finish and hope to be back next week with some of the genuine article.




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