31 Aug – Oh Yea!!!

Saturday was a good morning to be at the Racecourse Station, with a hard core of local volunteers:  Dave T, Dave G, Steve, Bob & Mike.  And the activities were traditional as well with Dave G painting, Dave T sorting, Steve strimming, Bob gardening and Mike sweeping.  There’s a song in there somewhere : ‘On the first day of autumn, GWSR said to me………………..

Ah well perhaps not!  However, there was much entertainment to be had on Platform 1 ahead of 2807 departing with the first train: namely the Cheltenham Town Crier!

A regular visitor apparently and great supported of the railway he was in full cry celebrating someone called Philippa’s birthday.

Elsewhere we were being ably supported by teams from ‘railway central’.  First were B&S filling in the gaps between platform edging slabs on the Platform 2 – well done gents, that’ll reduce the space for the weeds to grow.  Second S&T who were conducted some regular maintenance activities on the signals side of the house.  This specialist support is very much appreciated – especially so since the days when local groups could do this sort of activity have faded into the past.  Best left to the ‘professionals’.

There is an increasingly cool feel to the air as we progress into what is technically autumn – though thankfully followed by some pleasantly warm days.  All signs that we are approaching the end of another season – the GWSR season!  The list of potential jobs to be done in the short close season (ie November!)  is growing.

And finally another chance to see the best dressed man at the Racecourse:20190831_1042367142773653294114286.jpg




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