17 Aug – Snakes Alive!

Another day – another wildlife experience.  This week (actually Monday) I lifted one of the metal ‘lids’ we have at various places on the embankments and was rewarded by the following:20190812_143053

And in case you can’t see it amidst the debris, here’s a closer up:20190812_143103

A lovely young slow worm – in a delightful metallic bronze. But of course it’s not a snake at all, or a worm for that matter; it’s a reptile or legless lizard (Anguis Fragilis apparently) which has the ability to autotomize or shed it’s tail to escape predators.  Luckily, on this occasion, I wasn’t hungry and it scuttled off semifossorially (ie burrowing) into the undergrowth.  Surprising what one learns at the Racecourse Station!

Another memorable event which occurred this week was Saturday’s completion (more or less!) of the fence at the bottom end of Platform 1 embankment (known euphemistically as the ‘picnic area’).  This work was carried out by Pete Dickinson & team – and very splendid spear point fencing it looks too!  Bob was on hand to offer a celebratory bottle to the workers. (Note: not to be opened there and then or consumed on GWSR premises – see HSW guidance.)

Well done gents and many thanks!

(Note: better add that to the list of things to paint!)

Elsewhere, Dave G was in action with the refurb to the end of the ticket office, ie the bit facing Malvern Road.  This is a difficult place to work as the traffic is both incessant and heavy.  And, trying the patient of a saint, any activity it regularly interrupted by cars pulling into the ad hoc ‘lay by’ just beyond the buildings to ask how to get to the Station.  Sage advice is then followed by these customers pulling out into the traffic which is rushing unawares over the bridge; I have to to say this is not the safest of circumstances!

John was in the garden planting the latest crop and, working adjacent to him, I was the beneficiary by 3 onions and 2 small lettuces.  Thanks John!  Steve was busy strimming (again) and hoping that the vegetation growth can be kept under control during the last month or so of the growing season.  At least we haven’t had to do so much watering this year!  Maurice was also engaged in garden maintenance but the two of them escaped my roving camera.

There have been some minor problems with the lights the back office so Bob and I were up in the loft rearranging the junk stored items to get access to the cabling.20190817_095833

Apologies for the quality of the imagery – the light wasnt too good up there either.  Of note is the charred nature of some of the roof trusses and beams – the product of a fire lit by vandals in the years before the Station re-opened.

And finally, I cleared the Klargester pit of weeds (the big one, not the one which was lost).  This is a perennial task (like the weeds!) since the shale surrounding the digester itself has proved to be an excellent growing medium.20190817_091325

Before, and….



Finally, we (the team) were mildly amused to see this picture of a pile of pine needles 90cm high from the Broadway blog:Capture

This is the equivalent pile at Cheltenham:20190817_114803

Approx 1.5m x 3m x 3m!

All I can say is that we empathise with you Broadway!











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