10 Aug – Signs are Good!

It was a record low for volunteer numbers on Saturday morning – just 4 being Ben, Steve, Bob and myself.   Dave G was Station Master, whilst Dave T & Mary were away on holiday.  I assume everyone else was deterred by the weather which was mainly cool, rainy and very windy.  Not much fun for the passengers who nonetheless turned up in considerable  numbers for the ‘Bricks’ weekend.


As such, it wasn’t the morning for major activities and we confined ourselves to a bit of gentle maintenance.  Steve fixed various bits of our kit – in preparation for better conditions.  Bob maintained the Platform 2 gardens with some dead-heading etc (there was no need for watering for once!) whilst I tidied some (more!) fallen pine cones and plums off the passenger areas – a pointless activity this really as new ones were falling off as fast as I removed them.


You see P&O in all her glory – I see a platform covered in ‘pine straw’!

When Ben arrived we turned out hands to the erection of some new signs – of the ‘Keep Off’ variety!  I am never sure these are the most welcoming aspect of our Station but sadly necessary – from a practical viewpoint as well as Health and Safety.  You’d be surprised (or maybe you wouldn’t) where some of our keener visitors get to in order to have a better view or a better photo of the trains.  We can’t have middle-aged men (sorry to be ageist and sexist but it is invariably this category – into which I fit) climbing up the steep embankments of the Station.  At least not unless they are volunteers!


After that we engaged in some highly topical drain clearance – another old favourite! On finding a ramp cross drain totally blocked we dug out the ‘drain’ pipe from the embankment and found it full of compacted soil and roots:20190810_115619

I thought this looked alarmingly like a giant insect – a 2-foot earwig or something!?Actually, it’s just comprised of debris which has washed off the ramp. Here’s another snap including Ben’s boots, the ‘insect’, the offending drain plus a drain rod:


Yours hoping for better weather and more help next week,






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