3 Aug – Brim Full!

It was a fine morning with the usual suspects present and the normal tasks under way.  Dave T, Mary, Bob & Ros, Maurice, Mike and Steve all gainfully employed and a car park full of cars and coaches to match.  Dave G was having a quite day at Winchcombe whilst others are still on holiday or otherwise engaged. Some train snaps to start with:


Including our very own rocket fuel: Welsh coal, though I am told this is a very different product from earlier generations.



And then there was power of a different kind……………………


……………….but just as shiny!

And for those waiting for the big news, here’s the lost Klargester, with the lid still on:20190803_102932If you have a strong stomach, here’s what was inside:20190803_103340

Admittedly it was a bit full but not bad after 20 years operation seemingly without emptying or any other form of maintenance – a credit to Bob and the team that installed it.  However, we decided that it deserves a pump out as a special treat, followed by a serious effort not to lose sight of the kit again. So here’s some markers to show where it is:



Since this is what the bank looked like in 1997 during installation I hope you’ll agree that it was little wonder we couldn’t find it.

99-5 Klargester 2

As usual, much unsung work was being done to water the garden, clean the platforms, keep the pyracantha in check etc.

As a bonus for working hard I got a free lettuce from the allotment area (thanks John) and then picked a crop of nearly ripe plums from the P1 embankment. Very tasty they both were or will be.


Regards to all,


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