29 Jul – Monday Magic!

Several important things happened today at the Racecourse! First, Mary (& Dave T) spotted a grass snake under one of our metal covers on the Platform 1 embankment. Sadly the snake was quicker to depart than our trains and almost beat the camera.  However, here is the end of a snake:Snake

And a shy butterfly:


Good spots Mary!

Also I think (I hope!) we discovered the missing Klargester – so Operation Fetlock may yet be considered a success.  After digging various holes in a continuous line and finding a waste pipe buried at ever greater depths today we think that we struck ‘gold’.  The picture isn’t very inspiring but here it is with spade and mattock in the foreground:20190729_153404

Sadly by the time Bob and I had conferred on this likely being the right thing I was too tired and it was too hot to go any further.  So the great opening – to see what’s in it after 20+ years without maintenance/emptying is delayed ’til Saturday.  Needless to say I’ll report back.

Elsewhere, a decent crop of volunteers included Dave G, Roger, John & Mike as well as those previously mentioned.  Garden watering, weeding etc was carried out plus some burning of the resultant refuse whilst ongoing painting tasks were pushed a little further on.  The platform and ramp were ‘billygoated’ for the first time for a week or 2 whilst Bob continued Mare’s Tail extermination wherever it is to be found – though we fear this task may outlast us all!  Here is the man himself doing a decent impression of a cyberman:20190729_143153

And as usual, here are a few random shots of the Station in the sunshine – this time featuring our handsome spear point fencing:20190729_154336





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