29 Jun – Fetlock I & Well done Steve!!

A good showing on a hot day with Mike, Dave G, Dave T, Mary, Maurice, John, Steve, Mike and Ben all present.  It was day for taking care when working outside: hats, sunscreen and ample water supply all required.  However, the  trains seemed to be running on time and whilst it wasn’t as busy as last weekend the car park was quite crowded.  Sadly, I was so preoccupied with my own activities that I didn’t register the good work being done around the Station but suffice to say that all was looking fine.

A major event of the morning was celebrating Steve’s 15 Year Certificate – here is the presentation outside the Staff Room:


And later here’s most of the crew assembled to congratulate him:


We figured that there were about 150 years of volunteering experience in the photo. (Thanks to Mary for the 2 photos above – much better efforts than mine.)

The primary stage of Operation Fetlock (Find the Lost Klargester) took place this morning – and it was useful that Ben and I could carry this out in the shade of the arches store – under the Evesham Road Bridge.  The photographs and Bob’s advice proved invaluable, although it was still pretty hard work to locate the pipework.  Here’s one of the workers putting his back into it and locating the point where the waste pipe breaks cover:


And here’s the long buried ‘Rodding Eye’ access point half way across:


And just to remind everyone this is the 1997 version:

99-5 Klargester 5

Sadly, it wasn’t the weather for trying to unearth the Klargester itself but we have a good idea on line and Steve kindly strimmed the area.  So we should be well placed for Fetlock II in the coming days.

And elsewhere our valiant colleagues from B&S were putting in the very impressive looking posts to hold the new gate and new spearpoint fencing at the Signal Box end of Platform 1:20190629_095913

Good enough for a small country house I’d say –  thanks guys!.