Having trailed the mysterious disappearance of our ‘other’ Klargester (aka septic tank) I have been asked for a further report!  So, I joined the Monday gang yesterday to get busy with my spade and report on progress.

Dave T, Dave G, Mary, Roger, Ian and Chris were present on a warm but rather humid afternoon.  Roger was, I believe, painting, whilst Dave G was renovating the ticket office from the weekend’s mayhem and restocking the ticket supplies.


Chris and Ian were busy out on the embankment mowing and chopping down the encroaching weeds.

This work was supplying the results to Dave T for the bonfire pile.  Mary minded the gardens and stemmed the flow of weed growth as best one can in these jungle conditions. Here they both are recuperating and changing back into normal gear (no comments required!):20190624_160822

And having spent a couple of hours digging around for the Klargester (as per Time Team) I gave up and emailed Bob to see if he had a pictures of the installation process.  And here fresh from 1999, is what we’ve mislaid:99-5 Klargester 2

Yes, I know what you’re all thinking – how can anyone fail to find something this big? Well, all I can say is that the area doesn’t look like this any more and if not even the top 6 inches are sticking out of the ground……!

Helpfully, however,  we have another angle which gives and idea where we are in relation to the Evesham Road bridge.

99-5 Klargester 1

And for amusement (NB the line wasn’t in use at this stage!), here’s how they were able to drive nice and close to the work site in the old days:99-5 Klargester 3

So having, I think, got some good bearings – Operation FETLOCK – (Find the Lost Klargester)  can commence.  I will keep you informed!