15 Jun – Damp Course!

I may be deluded but I think the weather is looking up!  Or at least this damp doesn’t feel as unpleasant as last week’s damp.  Anyway, the hardy volunteers weren’t deterred and I noted Dave T, Mary, Bob, Ros, Maurice, Ben, Steve, John, Andy and Mike. (And Dave G as Station Master.)  I forgot my phone so the photos are courtesy of Mary – though any errors are entirely my own.


The serious spotters amongst the readership will, no doubt, be able to identify the guest engine rumbling up the main line – as observed from Cheltenham Racecourse Station.  And for those that can’t – it’s just another steam engine!  Seriously though it was apparently important enough for us to put our tea break back by 10 mins – and you don’t get graver than that on a Saturday morning.

There was, as you might imagine, no need to water anything today (or for the next week or so I imagine) but what you gain on the swings…..

Lots of green stuff was growing so Maurice and Mary were pruning and weeding respectively.  I cut some grass (just dry enough) and John attended to the allotment, while Bob and Ros returned from holidays to take control of the Platform 2 garden.

Dave was fettling the hedge and then convened a sub-committee to consider a mystery hole dug by Ben in the P1 embankment.  They were, as the old saying goes,  ‘looking into it’!


It was in fact the location of a bit of corrugated plastic pipe, which may or may not have indicated where some subterranean services were buried, but consistently caught on the mower blade.  Anyway it’s gone now and the location marked by a notch in the fence – so remind me if I forget this in years to come.   When not disfigured by volunteers the “top o’ t’ bank” is looking quite smart now with a 3-year old hedge line, an area of mown grass and a strip of wild flower meadow before the slope down the Platform.  Just got to keep it looking that way!


Elsewhere Steve and I sought to reinforce the wooden fence on the (staff only) steps by fitting braces between fence posts and concrete steps.

And finally, here’s Mary (aka David Bailey) doing a panoramic of the same area:


Or maybe it was the Flying Scot which caused distortion in the space time continuum? (Did I get this from Einstein or from an episode of Dr Who?)