8 June – All Quiet on the Railway Front

I was absent from the railway yesterday but was provided the following ‘3rd person’ report:

   “With some on holiday or days out and others possibly put off by the damp start, just four in today. Dave G, Dave T, Steve and John had no better offers so came in to see what was happening. Certainly no watering was necessary after the overnight rain, the lawns were too wet to mow and the ramp and platform were too wet to get the billy goat out.  Dave T (aka Lionel Messi) kicked a lot of cones into touch, Steve was under the bridge arch tinkering with some metal steps and Dave G was examining the “Ut” and investigating the complete disappearance of the ladies’ loo door retaining hook – a real mystery! Once the 11.05 train departed we adjourned to the workers’ room for tea, joined by John.  Then a pleasant surprise – Mick Best arrived with his son-in-law (from Australia) and joined us for an extended tea break. Good to see him again and the news of a possible return in the autumn was welcomed by all” (Hear hear! – Editor)

    “By now the sun was trying to appear, the rain had stopped – time to get some work done.  Dave G got his paint brush out to work on the car park gate, Steve carried on with his steps, John spent some time on the ramp garden and then in his veg garden (lovely pick of broad beans today) whilst Dave T got the long-handled clippers out and finished cutting the long grass & other weeds from around the “new” hedge plants. This will all need raking out on Monday and carting to the bonfire place – a rather wet place at the moment! There’s a circus setting up just outside the car park fence – always something seems to be going on these days.  Over at the ‘Smith’s’ traffic lights (Southam Lane), another (this time American) circus is already set up with performances today! I was quietly clipping away by the racecourse boundary fence, when a group of people on the public footpath asked me if they could reach the (American) circus this way. I advised them to carry on down the footpath and over the railway line, which would land them in the correct field. I later noticed they would have to walk through a flock of sheep and over an electric fence before reaching the circus – oops!”

Sorry no snaps so a video from the archive – since we aren’t likely to see Thomas & Co on the GWSR this year.