3 Jun: Health & Safety Best Practice

A quiet Monday which featured nothing unusual – even allowing for the odd customer who came to buy an advance ticket when the railway was closed (and so, of course, was the Ticket Office).  Still, a crop of summer perennials also arrived to do some work including Chris, Ian, Roger, Dave T, Mike, Dave G and Mary.  Here are the first 2 named – above Platform 1 – ‘hay making’!  – or rather gathering the dead  strimmings for the burn pile.  As you can see the Wychwood Festival funfair etc is still in evidence.


As it happens I had a collection of rotten timber and other wooden scraps to burn – alongside some pernicious weeds of my own – so arrived early to start a summer bonfire.  Rather easier to light this time of year as most of the items are tinder dry in any case (but without producing that satisfying inner glow which a winter blaze provides).


There was also a fair number of pine branches to be gathered in from the embankments – courtesy of the last few windy periods; all now incinerated.  And, in accordance with best practice the Gloucestershire Fire Service were notified before and after the bonfire.


And that short glimpse of a leisurely Monday afternoon is about it.  No noisy trains or passengers to bother us – just joking!

However, the absence of scheduled service shouldn’t make us any less safety conscious and it was good to see all concerned observing the rules about crossing the track, wearing high visibility vests, the correct use of tools etc, as well as informing the authorities where required (see above).  However reluctantly we do these things (and despite the occasional moans) it is very important that we all attend to the issue: our own and our passengers best interests.  I suspect it is a subject we may have to return to in further blogs. Best practice!  Keep it up and watch this space.